Caitlin dee, cmt

500 HR California state certified massage therapist
Burke Williams Spa Academy - Los Angeles, CA

500 HR Yoga Teacher Certification
Mount Madonna Center - Watsonville, CA

From an early age I can remember offering healing touch to friends, siblings, and animals alike and began training as a body-worker in 2013, studying the art of Thai massage alongside my training as a Yoga teacher.

Years later I was accepted to the Burke Williams Academy and completed the process of earning state certification.

My participation in alternative culture as a singer/guitarist and my interest and career in wellness give me a unique opportunity to cultivate an approach to healing that is accessible to individuals that often have trouble approaching self-care.

With Hardcore Healing I am dedicated first and foremost to creating an atmosphere for my clients which is built around loving-kindness, support, and safety. My goal and intention with each client is to view them with unconditional love, visualize them in perfect health and comfort, and apply spa-quality techniques in a therapeutic environment.

I am particularly interested in coaxing the client into a space of calm and relaxation that promotes their own ongoing process of self-healing and contentment. Iā€™m currently continuing my studies, particularly in the application of CranioSacral Therapy.