LP coming October 2019

Caitlin Dee


Born and raised in Los Angeles, Caitlin has fronted several projects local to the Echo Park area since 2015, including Pipe Dreams, Betty Petty, and Kybele.

Dee has played throughout Los Angeles area as well as the Bay area, Washington, and Oregon.

Dee was selected as Falling James’ LA Weekly music pick in April 2019 in anticipation of the release of her new solo material, debuting this summer in the full-length album produced by Gooey Music titled “Tender”.

Dee has released three EP’s, available on iTunes:

Pipe Dreams - R.I.P. (2019)

Betty Petty - Desperately Seeking Satan (2016)

Kybele - Animal Family (2015)


Vocals, Guitar / Caitlin Dee
Drums / Mars Tru
Bass / Santos

Photos by Michael Haight.